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About 911 Earth

911 Earth opened in December 1990 as a environmental store. Our name came from our then eight year old son, a fan of the TV program Rescue 911. He said, "How about 911 EARTH ?  The Earth is in trouble and needs rescuing." As an environmental store we looked at the whole picture: recycled content, clean ingredients, products that do the least harm, supporting companies who value sustainability and their employees; and acknowledge their imprint on our  Earth.

Our first offerings included:  recycled paper cards, gift wrap, journals, office and domestic papers and gifts; nature imprinted t-shirts; some solar kits; compact fluorescent light bulbs, green cleaning products, and our young customer favorite recycled glass marbles from a company in W.Va. and wooden games from a company in PA and of course hugg-a-planet earth, mars and moon.

As the years went by we have expanded and began to include herbal supplements picked up the local buying club co-op, began to add some food items; researched and added food supplements, vitamins and minerals, herbs, essential oils, flower essences, gemstones (true gifts from the earth), as well as the environmental gift items supporting organically grown, hemp and fair trade. We realized that we can't begin to heal our planet until we begin to heal our selves: "goods for healing self and planet"

So here we are, 23 years later: asking the questions, evolving, learning, and meeting wonderful people who have been supporting us throughout the years. We have been so fortunate to do this work.